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31 January 2008 @ 06:41 pm
Introduce Yourself!  
Though I'm sure a lot of you already know each other, I really want everybody to feel welcomed here, and it would be great if you could just take a few a minutes to introduce yourself via commenting. Some things you could include in your introduction are your name, of course, your age, where you live, how long you've been a Lisa fan, other shows you're into... Or anything else you can think of!

Anyway, hi, my name is Carlee, and I'm from Seattle, Washington in the United States. And I was born a Lisa fan. LOL, not really, but I have been one for a few years. It really started towards the end of the second season of House, which is how I first discovered Lisa. I have always thought Cuddy was a great character, but after watching a full season of House, I was like, "WOW, THIS WOMAN IS FREAKIN' AMAZING!!" And it's been a wonderful fangirl affair since then. ♥

Sooo obvisouly, I'm CRAZY into House, it's basically the best show ever. I'm also in love with Bones!!!, the United States' verision of The Office [JOHN KRASINSKI IS MY LOVER], Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, and the late, great Gilmore Girls. Basically? I watch WAY too much TV.

I live for my computer, iPpod, and cell phone, along with Warheads, peanut butter, and hot chocolate. And I'm also a Dance Dance Revolution whore.

My favorite movies are 2007's Hairspray, RENT, Juno, Talledaga Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and Waitress. Aaaaand I refuse to list all my favorite actors because it is a crazy huge list. But if you want to see, you can check out my userinfo, and of course, Lisa is my FAVORITE. TOTALLY, 100% FAVORITE.

And I like to talk about myeslf. If you didn't notice.

Soo, what about you guys?
Kerrykerryaod on February 1st, 2008 10:45 am (UTC)
Am I first? Oooooh -cheer-

Hiii Carlee! I'm Kerry -wave- And Im from England!

And I doubt I'll be able to flailish like that, I just got up [Ive been awake for a few hours, Im not -that- lazy =D]

I first saw Lisa in What Women Want but I didn't know it was her because she had a small part. Then it was House. My nana watched it a little and I got addicted and obsessed =D It was Season 3 that set off my Lisa love because until I didn't watch each episode - it was on during the week on a channel I didn't have so my nana had to tape it and she couldn't always. When Season 3 came on I became a total fangirl. And then a total Lisa girl.

I watched West Wing because of her and bought What Women Want to try and remember who she was and Im toootally looking forward to her movie ^__^

I basically live at my computer. I write, read, vid & icon make. And my music =D Ooh and I RP. I basically live here so Im always around [unless its school or sleeping, or occasionally shopping...]

So uh... I always think of more things to say after and questions are good lol! =)

-waves again-
loudxmusicloudxmusic on February 4th, 2008 01:48 am (UTC)
Hey Kerry! I watched the West Wing because of Lisa, too, and it's SO. AWESOME. I really love it.

And lol, I live at my computer, too. :P

Welcome to lisa_fest!
Kerrykerryaod on February 4th, 2008 01:50 am (UTC)
-waves madly-

Sorry, I'm just SOOOOO hyped up right now cause my friend is TOTALLY AMAZING and I might get to do something SO AMAZING! Yes. It's a secret and I should be asleep but I am SOOO HYPED UP! -flail-