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{LISA_FEST} and i can't breathe so i'm gonna die

A fest community for Lisa Edelstein and all things
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Welcome to lisa_fest, the first fest community for the lovely Lisa Edelstein and ALL of her characters!

Our mission is to spread fangirlishness that was caused by Lisa ALL over LiveJournal, one user at a time!

Here, you can submit prompts for fanfics, videos, AND art for any and all of your favorite Lisa characters, and even Lisa herself! Everything is accepted here, so no matter what you're into, I can almost 100% promise you that somebody else, is, too.

So, have you ever wanted a certain House/Cuddy video but you don't have the time [or skills!] to do so? THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! Request all you want, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to have a very talented person make your Lisa!wish come true!

Above all, this community is just so Lisa fans can connect with each other through the arts, so please, no bashing or being mean to others, that's just NOT cool.

That being said, have fun!

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